The Fusion of Toy and Animation


We do business throughout the entire animation industry including planning, production, distribution, licensing, and consumer products. We are passionate to lead the development of domestic animation industry based on competitive contents.

Business Area

  • Toy Plan and Design
  • AnimationPlan and Design
  • Mobile Game
  • Musical

세계적으로 탑스피너가 유행하는 현대사회, 대한민국 서울의 어느 곳.
초등학교 6학년 신은 늘 지면서도 탑스피너 배틀을 즐기고 있다.

신은 자신이 형에게 우승 트로피를 보여주리라 다짐하며
월드 챔피언십 우승을 목표로 여러 라이벌들과 겨루어 나간다

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메카드볼과 메카니멀을 모으기 시작한 영웅 앞에 차례차례 수수께끼의 인물들이 등장하며 배틀을 펼친다.
신비한 소녀 세라와 지구를 위협하는 블랙코마의 키라얀까지.
과연 영웅은 엄마의 기억을 되찾고 아칸과 함께 지구의 평화를 지킬 수 있을 것인가!

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“세계 곳곳에서 초이카 레이스가 크게 유행하는 지금, 수 많은 소년소녀들이 뜨겁게 경쟁하며, 초이카 그랑프리를 향해 달린다.
스스로 세팅한 초이카로 다양한 코스에서 뜨거운 승부가 펼쳐진다!”

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In a world where humans and mecanimals coexist,
Nachan and his friends of mecanimals and
tamers encounter exciting battles.

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Ghost Mecard

Set in the training center of tamers, “Ghost Ball Academy,”
Ghost Mecard packs all the fun in the delightful, amusing stories of the
ghosts who disrupt the human world, the tamers and the spirits’
adventurous friendship, and the spectacular ghost battles that
demonstrate various elaborate techniques.

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Hello Carbot Koong

Hello Carbot Koong is an animation series featuring “Egg Carbots” who came from the future. The egg carbots turn into baby dinosaurs or baby animals when they bump on the ground.These cute, charming creatures bring in
a whole new idea of fun as they bounce or roll around like little kids.

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My friend Koriri

My friend Koriri is an animation about little dinosaurs' growth
and their perspectives of the world. It started airing on SBS in July 2018.
A cute dinosaur Koriri and its friends learn about the world as they
experience adventure at the home of kindergartener Darae.

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Dinomecard is an animation that combines Turningmecard and dinosaurs.
The keyword 'collecting dinosaurs' with cute tiny dinosaurs
touches emotion and the battle of real-size dinosaurs
in the battlefield offers thrills and excitement.

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TURNING MECARD R is 3D animation that reformed mini-car to RC car.
Using the 3D production techniques, the more fancy action,
dynamic movement and upgraded video offers another level of joy.

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Turning Mecard

Turning Mecard using robots, cars, and cards as its main elements
provides kids with a variety of entertainment such as toys,
card games, animations, and mobile games,
based on transformation of Turning car with Mecard.

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