‘Popular Animation ‘Hello Carbot’, Awarded 'AVR Show' in UK for Medical VR with Using Character.
Date 2018-04-09

Domestic popular animation ‘Hello Carbot’ has entered medical field.

CCF(CHOIROCK CONTENTS FACTORY) announced to using its own animation ‘Hello Carbot’ medical VR for children,

awareded in ‘AVR Show’ in UK, its known for authoritative exhibitions about AR/VR field, on 26th.



▲ 'VR operating room exploration with carbot’ (Photo : Choirock Contents Factory)

VR contents, ‘VR operating room exploration with carbot’, is experience type education contents for child patient.

CCF, JSC(VR Production co.) and Bundang Seoul Uni. Hospital has jointly developed.

A child who will undergo surgery, has hospital equipment and facilities experiences were in implemented as a game with Hello Carbot character.
‘VR operating room exploration with carbot’ is a good advantage of the immersive and friendly characters to help the child's patient care. 


According to the Bundang Seoul Uni. Hospital’s research results, operating room virtual experience is effective reduced to anxiety before surgery in children.

Children who experienced VR showed 40% less anxiety than those who did not.

JSC said, “Hello Carbot VR contents can reduce children patient’s stress and anxiety through cognitive-behavioral therapies, character, game and storytelling.”,

“It plans to provide services to hospitals worldwide, starting with Bundang Seoul Uni. Hospital.” And, “VR content using girls' favorite characters will also be produced.” 


Source : Webdaily  /  Date Created : Mar.28th, 2018.