Repair Center-Information

  • Service Request

    When you receive the repair service
    by courier, include your name, contact,
    shipping address, product name and
    , you can get fast service.
    If you are close to the consumer
    counseling room, you can receive
    by visiting them directly.
  • Location

    [ Consumer Consulting Center, 266,
    Angok-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,
    Republic of Korea ]

    The parking space is limited, so please
    public transportation
    as much
    as possible.
    You can repair the product quickly by
    the customer center directly.
  • Consultation Information and
    Available VisitingTime

    Toy Counseling :
    02-2618-5050 / 1577-5058
    SOFYRUBY Cosmetic Counseling :
    Counseling Time : 09:00am ~ 05:00pm
    Lunch Time : 12:30pm ~ 01:30pm
    * Holiday : Sat., Sun., Legal holiday.
  • Product Repairs

    The service warranty period is six
    and the retention period for
    the part is one
    (Exclude some products)
    Damage, loss, or flooding may result in
    costs even within the warranty
    Please keep the receipt in order to receive
    the service guarantee of the product
    enclose it at the time of repair request.
    If the damage to the product you requested
    is severe, repair costs may be
    as high as
    new products.
  • Product Delivery Charge

    If you need to use a service other than a
    designated company(Lottelogis),
    you must
    pay for it.
    After the repair, we
    will send it to
    the repair center to pay the
    delivery fee.
    (Except product self-defects)
    Exception) Cash on delivery Case
    (Send after pre-call)
    1. Send a delivery charge instead
    of repairs.
    2. Customer's fault is received on a
    cash basis.
    3. Returned due to absence, then
    delivery again.
  • Service Progress

    After receiving the product from the center,
    it will send the message of receipt to you.
    Products that are free of charge are not
    contacted and will be delivered home
    the repair is complete.
    Paid service products will guide you for
    repair expenses and will be delivered to
    home when you receive the payment.

Compensation Rules for Defects

defect compensation
rules for safe transactions
between sellers and buyers.
Division Within Warranty
After Warranty Period
Customer Error Product Defects Customer Error
Toy Paid service Free service Paid service
Delivery Charge Sending Customer bears
the cost
Repair Center bears
the cost
Customer bears
the cost
Receiving Repair Center
bears the cost
Repair Center
bears the cost
Repair Center
bears the cost
Exception Damage, Loss,
Initial Defect

Please enclose the receipt when you accept the repair due to defects in the product by designated company (Lottelogis).
- Other delivery companies may delay service.
- Lottelogis (1588-2121) /

Service warranty period is six months, and the retention period for the part is one year. (Exclude some products)