Mecard's Complete Victory Over Spin Master's Bakugan Patent in China
Date 2019-04-01


SEOUL, South Korea, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The toy brand Mecard -- which is developed with

proprietary technology owned by Korean toy company Choirock Contents Factory Co., Ltd.

 -- won a patent infringement lawsuit brought by global toy company Spin Master Ltd. in China.

In 2016, Spin Master filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Mecard in the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court in China,

alleging that Mecard infringed a patent related to Spin Master's Bakugan toy.

In the trial, the Court ruled that Mecard toys do not infringe Spin Master's Bakugan patent and accordingly dismissed Spin Master's patent infringement lawsuit.

Spin Master appealed, but the Court affirmed the trial decision, making the decision final and not appealable.

With no more appeals remaining, and after litigating for nearly three years in China, Mecard has finally won a complete victory with respect to Spin Master's Bakugan patent.

Spin Master's litigation campaign against Mecard in China has now come to an end. 

"Choirock owns patents related to the world's first mechanism for transforming a toy by lifting up a card,

the bottom surface of which is exposed after transformation," stated a representative of  Choirock,

the South Korean company that owns the Mecard intellectual property and patents.

 "Mecard is the best-selling toy brand in Korea.

Choirock has exerted every effort to protect our innovative transforming mechanism around the world and will continue to strengthen our intellectual property.

Choirock expects our competitors to respect our intellectual property and will take strong measures against any infringer of Choirock's intellectual property."

About Choirock

Choirock Contents Factory Co., Ltd. is Korea's leading content creator and provider.

Choirock is highly specialized in planning and development for toys, animations, mobile apps/platform, and licensing business and

dedicated to the creation of unique and innovative contents such as Turning Mecard®, Dino Mecard®, Ghost Mecard®, Bbasha Mecard®, Hello Carbot®,

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Choirock is committed to provide 'Delight To Play' for children and families. Visit us online at

SOURCE Choirock Contents Factory Co., Ltd.

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Source : CISION  /  Date Created : Mar. 29th, 2019.